Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A New Pair of Jeans

On the way home tonight I stopped to try on blue jeans, my first foray into the haberdashery since January 3, 2007 when I started my diet. I’ve worn a 40 inch waist for years. I was comfortable knowing that I could order Dockers on eBay and count on them fitting. I knew better than to try to wear ones with pleated fronts, my waist and belly were too large and my legs too short. Today at the fitness center, I weighed in and found that I am just one pound from the big Four Oh. I’ve lost 39 pounds since January 3. I am on the third hole in my second belt and my trousers wear like a toga with lots of extra cloth gathered by that belt. It may be premature as I haven’t yet hit a plateau in my weight loss, but it was time.

I picked a likely pair of jeans, waist 38, and headed to the dressing room. When I tried them on I found that they contained too much cloth around the waist as well. I dropped them off with the attendant and picked a smaller size with a 36 inch waist, regular, not relaxed fit. They fit perfectly. This meant that I had lost four inches around the waist, time to revisit the waist-hip ratio. It’s also time for new pictures, but I think I will wait until I hit 40 pounds of weight loss.


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

My mummy lost weight last year but she has put 14lbs back on. This makes her sad. But she lost 24 to start off with, so I tell her, you're still smaller than you were. But she used to like being able to take her jeans off without undoing them. (I think Daddy liked that bit, too...hehehehe)
I'll tell her to read your blog and maybe she'll be encouraged....


david mcmahon said...

Great stuff, Joel,

Sounds like you have good genes and good jeans. The weight loss is a big achievement, but continue looking after yourself.