Thursday, March 15, 2007

Broiled Mushrooms

I’ve always loved the complex flavors and subtle bouquet of mushrooms. I enjoy the way dried mushrooms of all types (shiitake, wood, oyster, and others) can lend their essence as the primary flavor of mushroom soups with the addition of little more than water, a little salt and white pepper, and a handful of onions. On my diet, with my palate cleansed of salt, I have an even greater appreciation for these fungi. Tonight I decided to try broiling fresh mushrooms with no help but the flame. Pre-diet I would have melted butter and sprinkled each of caps with it, garlic, and salt. Naked, they were a delight.

Three large mushrooms added only 12 calories, .18 g of fat, and 3 mg sodium.

Here’s my recap from yesterday.

Daily Dietary Recap-3/14/2007
Calories Protein Carbohydrates SodiumFat % Calories from Fat
1148.59 51.83 g 194.82 g1087 mg 15.02 g 11.75%

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